Marketing is all about Values.

Digital Marketing is a strategy of delivering the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time and the Right Place with the help of digital channels.

Digital Marketing-digital raju

Nowadays, people are online to the extent that one cannot imagine a day without smartphones. Attract, Engage and Convert are the keys for successful Digital Marketing. However, Marketing without reaching the objectives is worthless.

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4 steps to execute Digital Marketing: Define, Create, Attract and Convert. Understanding Client requirements, identifying the proper channels to reach clients helps you in reducing the budget. Engaging clients with the conversation will fetch good results. In addition, tracking the analytics will help you to analyze the conversion rate. Conversion rate is the ratio of the number of defined conversions by the number of visits to the website.

in digital marketing seo is reshaping because of Ai

With the use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing, the resourceful content is more optimized than the essence look of a website. So when the content you created attracts and engages more customers then achieving expected objectives will be higher. The content can be expressed through blog posts, images, web pages, articles, videos, influencer marketing, etc. Influencer marketing doesn’t mean campaigning through stars, celebrities but to showcase a product or service with a person engaged in the same field. Ex. Campaign of Sports equipment by sports person.

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Basic platforms in Digital Marketing are SEO, Social Media channels, Email Marketing, Online Ad campaigns, Influencer marketing. Therefore for quick growth in results, one can concentrate on 5C’s i.e 1. Conception, 2. Content, 3. The campaign, 4. Conversation, 5. Conversion.


So, to be a successful Digital Marketer start reading about blogs, habituate to write the content in the formal language without grammar mistakes and do not copy from other sites, also create a website and start posting blogs, share your posts on social media platforms, use right digital marketing tools and track the analytics to monitor performance.

Hope this information is useful and stay tuned for my latest posts.