importance of visual cotent in seo

During the initial days of SEO, Website ranking is much easier just with the basic organized structure containing plain text without any visual content. But as technology increased, search engines started updating their search algorithms to look in all perspective ways to display the best relevant resources for the user query. With this scenario analysts, content marketers focused on the visual content to get closer to the audience. Within no time Visual Content became a vital part in search engine optimization. So let us know more about the importance of Visual content is SEO here.

What Is Visual content?

Visual content is the methodology of conveying the message through Visuals to the audience. With the vast use of visuals, infographics on various media platforms, marketing campaigns companies and brands discovered the strength and importance of visual content. Bulks of paragraph text on your page may affect user, so for the user to focus on the content and not to fly away from the site, embed visuals depending on need and also at regular intervals to boost engagement time.

What is visual content

Types Of Visual Content:

types of visual contet


  • People show much interest in image reading and also images can be easily captured by the brain in a short span.
  • Posts with images get 94% more views than without.
  • Present higher quality images, clean and attractive images
  • Use self workout result screenshots.


A recent study revealed:

  • Articles with Videos received 300% more inbound links.
  • 4.8% is the average conversion rate for websites with videos.
  • Prefer short duration videos.
  • Embed videos from external sites like Youtube.


  • Research suggests that presenters who use visual aids are 43% more effective.
  • Presentation slides may include images, videos, graphs, etc.
  • Focus on key points of content.


  • GIF: Graphics Interchange Format.
  • File format ending with .gif are Giphy files.
  • It does not contain any sound.


  • The best tool to convert complex data into simple visual aid.
  • Contextual relevance and neat design fetch good results.
  • Users are more likely to share Infographics.

Why use Visual Content?

AI has made all the search engines intelligent enough to analyze the visual content. Rankbrain, Artificial Intelligence System can now watch the video and tell what the video is about. Due to AI impact on SEO, Visual content can greatly affect the search engine results

Certain facts revealed from recent case studies by Visual Teaching alliance

  • Eyes have the ability to register 36,000 visual messages for every hour.
  • The retina is linked by 40% of nerve fibers connected to the brain.
  • 90% of the information reached the brain is through visual.
  • Brain process the visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • The visual scenes can be sensed in less than 1/10 of a second.
why use Visual content in digital marketing

With the vast information across websites, social media, mobile internet we have shorter span to grab the attention of the audience.

Importance of visual content in SEO from case studies :


SlideShare powered by LinkedIn is completely a visual desk. It is a slide show presentation. Every day 2 million visitors make use of Slideshare and ranked among the top 120 most viewed websites. Most of the companies, brands are making use of SlideShare to showcase their data, services. Design slides according to customer needs and also create call buttons like share.

case study of visual content - slideshare


Pinterest, a social network designed to discover information using images, gifs, videos and it helps in increasing additional blog traffic and generates new leads. In a month about 250 million active users with around 175 Billion pins are found on Pinterest. Upload images and videos with tags according to the consumer search query and when clicked on the visuals it drives traffic to your website.

 Pinterest, social network focus on images


Instagram is a social media platform with 1 Billion active users every month makes it the third most popular social network. Photo and short video sharing network, so there are lots of opportunities for companies, brands to reach desired objectives through the Instagram advertising. Social media platform helps you to define and create the visual style for your own brand, company, product, services.

case study of visual content - instagram


Youtube second largest search engine is a video-based network. Every day almost 5 billion videos are being watched. Youtube is the best platform for customer engagement. With the interaction channels like comment section, video suggestions and annotations make the best customer engagement experience. You can also embed your youtube channel to other web platforms like social media, webpages, blogs, etc. Do not copy the music or videos and upload on your channel it may affect your channel performance by copyright issues. If you use them you should give credit to them. Uploading your own videos is ideal.

What Visual Content Convey?

  • Tells a story
  • Condenses Information
  • Increase Engagement

Effective use of Visual Content:

  • Include a feature image for every article
  • Add alt tags for visual contents
  • Short relevant description for Visual Content.
  • Provide Infographics: Good Infographics is worth a thousand words.
  • Place Visuals after every 250 to 300 words
  • Place your brand logo on visuals


visual content importance in digital marketing

In the world of vast data at finger taps across web, social media, mobile internet you have short span to grab the attention of customers. Visual content in SEO became a key factor. So take full advantage of visual content. Try to convey the best attractive visuals with relevant content which helps in customer engagement with your sites which in turn increases lead generations. Using visual content and AI role in SEO will filter you out from the crowd.