Ai impact on seo

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also called Machine Intelligence. All the search engines are aware that AI can deliver the best and most personalized interface for customers. As the days are passing, Ai is shaping to be like an artificial human. Ai performs like thousands of brain working simultaneously to answer a single query in real time. Artificial Intelligence has already transformed various fields like robotics, medicine, industries, google maps, security and surveillance, etc. Ai powered Google search displaying relevant suggestions for the search query. It shows the level of interference of Ai in Search. Let’s discuss in brief about AI impact on SEO.

Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO), a methodology of techniques, strategies and tactics used to gain a higher rank in Search Engine Results Page(SERP) which in turn improves the traffic to the website. Search engines(Yahoo, Bing, Google)have their own database of webpages. Top ranking is decided by the score obtained by the unique logic programs applied by each search engines. So, SEO is all about raking top in SERP and driving organic traffic.

basics of seo and ai impact on seo

Process of Scoring:

  • Crawling: Search engines visit your website and scan your webpages through programs, Bots, Spiders
  • Index: Stores the scanned results in their database.
  • Ranking: Search engines display the results by scores.

Factors contribute to Scoring:

  • On Page: Good governance of Website Structure, design,  URL, external and Internal links, resourceful content and visual content.
  • Off Page: Reference from other websites, social media, optimize keywords
  • Local: Optimizing local profiles through Google My Business.
  • Technical: Navigation, issues in the website, loading speed, errors in pages.

SEO Process

seo process and ai impact on seo
  1. For existing websites, Website Audit and competitive research.
  2. Organize website Structure
  3. Ensure rich content on every page
  4. Optimize keyword research
  5. Maintain On page seo factors on each page
  6. Enhance Off-page seo activities
  7. Track the performance.

Role of AI in Search:

AI-powered search engines display suggestions and also automatically the relevant local profiles for the search query.

role of ai in search and ai impact on seo

AI tools impact on SEO:

Artificial intelligence tools are changing the traditional way SEO is doing. Also, these tools greatly save the time of the user. Below, few tools are described in short.

Voice Search:

By 2020, Voice searches may hit up to 50% of searches -Comscore. Google Assistant, Apples’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cartona, Amazon’s Alexa have embedded Ai in their devices. Through this Voice Assistants, people are searching with a voice command in the most general conversational language without using specific Keywords. This effects site being ranked top.

voice search role in seo and ai impact on seo

To reach the targets, Content on sites must be tuned accordingly to display in the top rank. Marketers must identify the keywords that are generally used in Conversations and also formal search query. Also, marketers should use natural sentences in the posts.

As most of the voice search are from mobiles, make sure your website is mobile friendly and fast

NLP powered Chatbots:

Natural language Processing(NLP)  powered by Ai builds service relation between machines and humans. In marketing, chatbots are used for generating quality leads. Chatbots are powered by a virtual agent engine. NLP powered chatbots understand human speech and text message and respond immediately.

chatbots role in seo and ai impact on seo

AI chatbots are programmed to understand and respond to online queries and requests. Unlike human customer service, they are available to users 24/7 and will be responsive.

Automated responses from chatbots increase the conversion rate. Ai powered chatbots are capable of satisfying the users by providing relevant suggestions and advice.

Predictive Analysis:

The basic principle behind Predictive analysis is that a Customized program is defined which collects and cleans data, identifies different patterns and predicts the occurrence of future events. It helps to predict present outcomes, even future outcomes based on past historical data.

predictive analysis in seo and ai impact on seo

An algorithm based on the predictive score is created considering different user Demographics, Social, Behavioral and lead field data. A formula that will automatically gear leads so that the user can easily recognize the qualified leads, results in higher Conversion rate. During Campaigns, a marketer can improve the quality of leads through Predictive Analysis.

Predictive Analysis helps to customer segmentation and customized messages can be sent to each segment as per user behavioral traits. It also helps the marketer to focus on specific leads, how much time to spend and resources.

Content Analysis

Day by Day, Ai impact on SEO is rapidly changing because of its ability to assess the content on websites. Earlier quality of websites has been rated based on exogenous signals like hyperlinks.

knowledge based truth content analysis in seo and ai impact on seo

Google’s Knowledge-Based Trust algorithm is proposed to rank websites on the basis of facts and trustworthiness. KBT can assess the facts and accuracy of the content on websites. KBT can easily identify the 2 main  errors

  1. Incorrect fact on Page.
  2. Incorrect filtration made by Extraction techniques.

For a marketer to achieve the desired targets must focus on the truthfulness of content, proper relevant visual content and organization of content like titles, URL, on the websites. As AI impacts on SEO, providing user-focused and producing highly resourceful content helps in ranking top in SERP.

Improve SEO with Ai

improve seo with ai and ai impact on seo

AI applications are rapidly getting closer to Human’s life. To rank top in the results page marketer must recharge SEO with Ai. Paying attention to AI impact on SEO, Marketer must influence the algorithms and also users. Few concepts are discussed below for better understanding.

Through Insights:

Artificial Intelligence can access and interprets patterns in data to a level that people cannot produce. SEO analysts must spend more time on insights and tune the structure accordingly. Google Analytics is a free analytics tool which helps in tracking how a user reaches and uses your website, helping in managing the budget.

seo insights with google analytics and ai impact on seo

AI to improve SEO insights:

  1. Analyze Market Trends
  2. Optimize Site Performance
  3. Track Site Reports
  4. Maintain Structured content
  5. Mapping Intent to Content

These steps will progress valuable data, also each interaction with the audience will reveal something new. So, Marketers should embed AI strategies to capture, interpret and use the data to charge the campaign strategies.

The truthfulness of Content:

Unlike search algorithms, Ai learns and grows with time and capable of displaying better results in real time on its own. Rankbrain powered by Google is an artificial intelligence system has the capability of analyzing the content. It is able to analyze and rate the relevance of content for the search query by the user.

relevant content in seo and ai impact on seo

Content publishers must focus on real-times data. When user query about live sports, weather reports, news updates needs updated results. Marketers need to enhance Content quality, connecting intent and relevance. Based on market trend analysis, content must be optimized that suits the ongoing real-time needs. Updating the content and generating the fresh content will make search engines to identify the site and rank top in the search engine result page.

Keyword Research:

keyword research role in seo and ai impact on seo

Research for the keywords which people may use for the query. More emphasis on keyword optimization is necessary for avoiding misclassification. AI will reduce and save time for the marketer. Ai Search engine crawlers just don’t look only for a keyword but also completely analyze the content whether it suits the user keyword.

keyword research in seo and ai impact on seo

Keywords can be collected from brainstorming, researching on competitor websites, using tools like SemRush, Adwords Keyword Research Tool, Ubersuggest, etc. Once the keywords are collected, using Google Adwords find the average monthly searches and the total number of pages in google index. Then calculate the Keyword Effectiveness(KEI) Index to understand the difficulty level to rank for that keyword. Focus on a keyword with high relevance, better search volume and low KEI value, which will be a pillar keyword for the website.

Importance to Visual Content

In the future, Visual content will greatly affect Search Engine Optimization. So AI has made all the search engines intelligent enough to analyze the visual content. Rankbrain, AIS can now watch the video and tell what the video is about. Publishers must pay attention to images, videos, Giff files, etc. to what extent they relate the search query.

visual content impact on seo and ai impact on seo

Google search engine result pages with AI made it possible to display relevant youtube videos. With AI impact on SEO, Visual content SEO requires optimization of target keywords, tags, descriptions, proper URL, Video length and also relevant caption. As AI can analyze, it interprets the visual content engagements and clicks which helps the in ranking the top.

Some of the AI powered visual content tools are Computer vision and Image recognizing (used in driverless cars), Google Lens recognizes what a physical keyword or object is, Augmented Reality (face recognition), etc.


ai impact on seo and ai impact on seo

From the above mention points, it is evident that AI has a great impact on SEO. AI has already become a part of human lives and is transforming Digital Marketing and SEO practices. Search engine algorithms only search for the content but AI it takes it next level by analyzing complete content and make sure it relates with user intent before it displays in Search engine results page.

AI plays a key role at every stage of the campaign. Keeping Rankbrain in mind, content must be built and published with a strong structure site. AI-powered SEO helps to build trust and credibility and can beat Paid traffic only when it meets the requisites. Already tech giants have already gone through AI first, Its time for Marketers to focus on AI tools to achieve the desired targets.