Execute Digital Marketing Strategy

With the vast improvements in technology, the world has transformed into the digital age. Because of this digital transformation and advantages of digital marketing, investment in digital campaigns have greatly increased. Every Individual or business who wants to promote their products or sales, along with digital marketing strategies also needs a perfect plan to execute digital marketing. If you are unable to implement the plan into action, you cannot find the best results as expected. So, here are the basic 4 steps that can be followed by any digital marketer to enhance the results.

  1. Define
  2. Create
  3. Attract
  4. Convert

1. Define

The first basic step to execute digital marketing is defining the prerequisites like analyzing the market requirements, identifying the clients’ needs, targeting customers, right channels for promotions, etc.

Define your strategies to Execute Digital Marketing

It Involves

Ask Questions and Collect Requirements

Collect information about business, goals, customer acquisition, target customers, budget, the current status of the business.

Target Audience

Choose the right audience to deliver the right message and expect the right results. Target with Demographics, Geographics, Psychographics.

Buyers Persona

Figure out more details about the client like personal information, goals, pain point and convey your message like motivation, value and trust to boost the client’s ideology to choose you.

Create Core Messages

Develop the right core messages that suit the business products or services. Also, create messages that convince the customers.

Develop Campaign Ideas

Develop ideas and activities to perform the campaign. Along with a rough estimation of the budget to spend on promotions and expected results.

Prepare Channel Mix

The three media types are Owned Media, Paid Media and Earned Media. Prefer and prepare a proper channel mix with a goal and expected reach, budget and time frame.

Prepare a chaneel mix to execute digital marketing

2. Create

In this Step, you need to focus on creating sources like owned media. That is creating website, blogs, mobile apps, social media channels to engage your customers with your brand products or services.

Create Sources to execute your digital marketing plans

It involves:

Create a Website

It is mandatory to have a website in this digital world. Prefer a domain name that perfectly represents your products or services. Mostly, the website helps your customers to know more about your business products or services. Also, Organize the website with strong architecture for better user experience.  Keep updates about your products and services and provide all the necessary details so that user need not switch to other sites.

Create Social Media Channels

Signup for all possible social media accounts and engage with the customers on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Buzzsumo, Reddit, Pinterest, Diigo, Flipboard, Tumblr, etc. Social media channels play a vital role to execute digital marketing because of its best targeting features.

Create Ads Campaigns

After identifying the proper channel mix, create ads that meet the guidelines of the respective platform. Create a strong core message that easily drives user attention. In brief describe the features and expected results from the services.

Create Visual Content

Importance of Visual content in digital marketing is growing rapidly. Visual content is the method of conveying the message through Visuals. Create all possible visual content like images, infographics, videos, presentations, etc and distribute it on the right platforms to engage the audience and also to earn useful backlinks.

3. Attract

Attracting the right customers is the most important step to execute digital marketing. The efforts put in above two steps may go in vain if they are unable to attract the customer. Here you need to execute the plans that are developed in previous steps. So, you need to attract the customers with the creative content and effective use of owned media paid media and earned media.

Deliver Best Content

Optimize website for search traffic

Creating a website is not final, optimize the site for search traffic. The basic digital marketing strategy is to maintain all SEO standards, so that ranking high in the search engines will boost your conversions. Perform keyword research and analyze the performance of each keyword. Also, provide blog or resources, which helps the user to find more useful information. The most important thing is to collect the details of visitors to your site for future actions. Build an email list by asking the visitor to fill the form. 

Run Paid Campaigns

The immediate way of driving traffic or lead conversions can be achieved through running paid campaigns. With custom bidding strategies, run ad campaigns like Search ads, Display ads, Videos ads, Gmail campaigns with Google Ads on Google search, display and its associated platforms. With the effective use of best targeting options, better results can be expected. Also, run campaigns on social media, youtube because most of the millennials are actively participating here.

Run A/B split tests to analyze the performance of ads and choose the right campaign and also the right platform.

Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has increased 90 times faster. An influencer is an individual who is well known for their expertise and is famous with special recognition among a certain group of people in a specific area or profession. They are followed by hundreds and thousands of followers. It also includes bloggers, social media experts, youtube stars. Sometimes these non-traditions influencers are more effective in these days. Identify the right influencer and right spot for promotions.

True Influencer drive action, not just awareness.

Identify the Right Influencer for effective results.

Create and distribute high-quality content

Content is always the heart of marketing. Content plays a vital role in engaging customers with your business products or services. Provide valuable information and meet the needs or requirements of customers rather than elevating business. So, always create relevant content and maintain the consistency in content. Content is the value that adds potential to customer. Build trust by creating and distributing high-quality content. Convey the message through visuals because 65% of the audience are visual learners and 90% of internet traffic is video content. Also distribute the content across all suitable platform and take advantage of increasing website traffic, brand awareness, lead conversions, and mostly customer engagement.

Run Email Campaigns

Email marketing is the best remarketing technique used for delivering commercial messages to customers who visited our website at regular intervals. There will be the highest Return on Investment through email marketing. About 49% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Welcome emails have an average opening rate of 82%. There is a chance of 300% increase in click rates, by adding videos to your emails. Understand the visitors’ interest and engage your visitors with a series of emails once or twice a week, with a consistent message, that meet with their expectations.

4. Convert

After attracting the customers, conversion comes into the point. Conversions depend on your strong message created to attract customers. Conversion is counted as an action when a visitor gets interacted with your ads. In brief, Conversions are the goals that are set by marketer. Conversions help to measure the effectiveness you followed to execute digital marketing.

Convert your engaged audience

Run Experiment/split tests

While running the paid campaigns, it is better to know which ads campaign are giving the best results. So, run A/B split tests to analyze the performance of ads and choose the right campaign and also the right platform.

Setup Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is the process of understanding the activity of the customers after interacting with the ads. So, Setup Conversion tracking to know the customer activity like subscribed to the newsletter, downloaded an app, called your business, etc. Conversion tracking can be set up in Google Ads account get a tag, then add this conversion tag to your website or mobile app.

Monitor Conversions

Use conversion tracking to monitor which keywords, ad groups, campaigns are performing well and make better decisions. View through Conversion helps you to monitor the customer who is not interacting with your ad but later visit your site for conversion. Monitor which bidding strategy is helping out to maximize the conversions. Also identify the keywords which are irrelevant and even showing our ads, mark those keywords as negative.

Optimize Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of the ratio of the number of conversions with the total number of interactions with the ads. Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing conversions. Optimize conversion rate by identifying the best ads campaign fetching good results, optimize the website for search, invest in the right platforms, attract customers with strong messages.


Put your Plans into Action to Execute digital marketing

Along with curiosity and passion, you also need to put your plans into execution. As a digital marketer, executing the plans into action plays a vital role in measuring your goals. In brief, to execute digital marketing, you need to define the concept, process, manage tools, analyze results and optimize for better performance.

Thus using this basic 4 step process to execute digital marketing, you can expect the best approach to meet the goals and develop a path to success.