Drive traffic with quora

Nowadays, Everyone wishes to increase traffic to their websites without spending any amount or as low amount as possible. So, You can drive free traffic with Quora without any expenditure. It is an easy and efficient way to drive traffic just by answering the relevant questions on Quora. Millions of Users are active on Quora and ask thousands of questions every day. So let’s have a brief idea about how to drive free traffic with Quora.

About Quora

Quora is a social media platform where some users ask and some users answer the questions. With the great increase in technology, humans are greatly depending on it. Quora mission is to share knowledge across the globe. Questions are the heart of Quora. Many users ask thousands of questions every hour on Quora. Also, there are thousands of users answering the questions on Quora

Drive traffic with Quora

Steps To Follow

Initially Create an account on Quora, completely build your profile and research on the topics related to your knowledge and answer the questions with relevance.

1. Create Account

To answer the questions on Quora, You must create an account. Either You can signup with Google or Facebook accounts. Or else you can signup with your email. Build your profile completely and also you can follow the topics that you are interested in.

2. Add Credentials

Credentials are those topics that you have knowledge about and can answer the questions. Examples like digital marketing, artificial intelligence, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc. Credentials are very helpful for Quora and also users those who post questions. Quora automatically suggests the questions related to your credentials. Also, users can also request answers directly from you. If You doesn’t add any credentials, Quora automatically substitute credential with your employment or location.

It is recommended to add credentials to your Profile. Otherwise, users find it difficult to request answers from you. In the same way, Quora also gets confused in suggesting the questions to answer. If you have an interest in various fields and so can answer the questions related, you can add it to your credential.

3. Research for Questions

search for suitable questions on quora

Once you added credentials to your profile, Quora suggests the questions to answer related to your credentials. Also, Quora notifies the answer requests from users to you. You can answer the questions immediately from suggestions. If you don’t find suitable questions in suggestions or requests just pass the question so that Quora will come to understand that questions not related to you or you cannot answer them. You can also search for the specific questions from the search tab and start answering.

4. Answering Questions

Never answer questions as you are promoting your website. Once you find a suitable question to answer. Start with a brief explanation of keyword of question and their current scenario. Write the content related to question because Content is King. Always the best content delivers the best results. Answer the question straight with quality content. Don’t Prolong the answer, the user may find it uninteresting to read or the user may feel the answer is irrelevant.

If your main moto is to drive the user to your website, create interesting answers. Place some visuals based on the question provide infographics, images, embed videos so that user can find interesting to read the answer. If the user finds the complete information in answer, there are fewer chances to go to your website. So, it is not advised to provide full information about the question.

The main strategy to drive free traffic with Quora is by providing links to your website for the main keywords or asking users to follow the links for more information. In case of multiple links, provide them at regular intervals. Don’t make the user think that you are promoting your website or forcing him to go to your website. At the end of the answer, write obedient requests to follow the links to know more in detail.

The most important point to remember while writing answers on Quora make sure your answer meets Quora’s guidelines otherwise, your answer may collapse.

5. Upvote

Upvote is the best feature of Quora. People searching for answers generally go through the top answers and may not go to the end answers. As there are many users answering a particular question, It basically works on how many people recommend the specific answer to read. Users who find the information useful would upvote the answer. Depending on the number of upvotes, the answer is displayed on the top of that particular question. Thus automatically depending on upvotes, your answer is displayed on top and you can increases traffic with quora


Quora is the best platform to increase traffic without any expenditure. To drive free traffic with Quora, you have to frame your answer with rich content and make it interesting to the user to read and also to upvote. Especially, for beginners, it is the best approach to drive free traffic with Quora. Follow best practices and answer the questions with straight forward and relevance.

Strategy to drive traffic with quora