With the vast developments in technology, the world has been turning to digital. Due to digital transformation, investments in digital marketing has reached to a great extent. Every business started promoting their products, services through various online platforms. Large, medium and small scale business started investing in digital marketing for their effective presence in digital channels. You need to get updated with the latest digital marketing trends to sustain success.

Dominating digital marketing trends

Digital marketing Industry is large. You have to find the best approach to grab users attention and meet their requirements. It helps you to stand out of your competitors. The effective way to run online campaigns and implementing strategies is possible by keeping updated about the latest digital marketing trends. Here are the 5 dominating digital marketing trends that you need to focus on.

Mobile usage dominating desktop

About 80% of internet usage has been from mobile. In 2018, More than 60% of search queries come from mobile. Mobile usage is high and keeps on increasing in the coming days. As smartphones are always with us, always on and connected. Mobile usage has a major impact on digital marketing and marketing strategies. 

Mobile search is purposeful and action driven. So if you are not making mobile responsive marketing, you are losing a great source of revenue. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly, manage your listings. Use Google search console, a free tool to find your website is mobile friendly or not. So, therefore it is evident that mobile optimization is the top priority for a digital marketer.

High-Quality Content

Search engines continuously update their search algorithms in providing a better experience to the users. A major update from Google is Panda update, has greatly changed the search rankings of a website based on the content. Panda algorithm goal is to lower the ranks of the low-quality content, in order to give high-quality search results for the user. 

high quality content is evergreen digital marketing trend

Content is always referred as King of digital marketing. High-quality Content is one of the evergreen digital marketing trends. It is the most effective, cost-efficient and all around way to attract potential customers and generate leads. Include visual content rather than just text format, it helps to grow user engagement with your site. The key to success is keep unique, highly qualitative and user-focused.

Video Content is the Future

About 70% of internet usage comes through videos. Youtube is the second globally ranked site. After Facebook, Youtube stands the second position in driving high traffic to your website. It’s easy for anyone who sees your video to rate it and share it with his Social Network. Posts including videos have about 4.8% increase in conversion rate. Also, blogs with videos have about 300% more inbound links. 

As 90% of the information received to the human brain is through visuals, video content is more reachable. The most effective way to convey your message is with videos. Increasing acceptance of videos by users, as this digital marketing trend continues, it clearly shows that there may be high competition and necessity for video content. The most important thing to remember is to make video content clear, short and interactive.

Dedicated Apps

As mobile usage continues to increase rapidly in the coming days, it is advisable to have an application for the business. About 80% of users prefer mobile applications rather than surfing the mobile website. 50% of all ecommerce transactions happen through mobile apps. Also, surveys show that 25% of apps are not being used after installing. Build an app that responds better, loyal to the consumer, increase engagement.

dedicated apps is dominating digital marketing trend

A dedicated application does not just offer a mobile-optimized website but also more convenient, easy to use and better accessible. Also, Google has offered an app indexing feature that enables the business to take advantage of having a dedicated app. In the future, there may be a chance of replacing the websites, potential businesses started building the dedicated app for better engagement with the user and to increase conversions.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence has already evolved to a great extent. AI started showing its influence in different industries like manufacturing, medicine, robotics, etc. AI also have started impacting digital marketing in various ways knowingly or unknowingly. The search engines are aware that AI can deliver more personalized results for the user. So, search engines started updating their search algorithms using artificial intelligence.

impact of artificial intelligence is prominent digital marketing trend

AI-powered search engines show relevant search suggestions and also automatically display the relevant local profiles. Few examples of AI in digital marketing are Voice search. Using long tail keywords along with high-quality content may help you trigger the website to the top in search engine results page. Integration of Chatbots provides customer support all around the day, week, month and year, also it helps to generate quality leads. Google’s Knowledge trust based algorithm analyze the content on your website and ranks on the basis of truth and worthiness.


Keep updated with latest digital marketing trends

The most fascinating digital marketer should grab the chances of using all the latest digital marketing trends and stand out of the competitor. There are many digital marketing trends to adopt and implement to draw user attention and search engines. Follow digital marketing experts, participate in online forums and discussions, subscribe to valuable newsletters, journals, get notified with Google alerts, etc to keep updated with latest digital marketing trends.